LY long axis submerged pump

LY long axis submerged pump

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Product Description

The LY pump is a vertical, single-stage single-suction submerged pump, suitable for conveying various types of sewage containing particles or fibers.
When the insertion length under the liquid exceeds 2 meters, the shaft connection structure is adopted, and the length under the liquid can reach 7 meters.
Mainly used:
♦ Power plant, thermal power plant 
♦ Chemical plant 
♦ Sewage treatment plant
♦ Steel mills, steel mills
♦ Paper mill, fiber mill
♦ Cement plant
Structural features:
♦ Coupling structure is safe and reliable 
♦Rotor components can be adjusted axially 
♦ The rotor parts are supported by multiple points, and the pump runs safely and reliably 
♦ Sliding bearing with external lubrication 
♦ Adopt shaft guard structure, long life of sliding bearing 
♦ The double volute pump body (above 80mm diameter) can balance the radial force, so that the rotor component is subject to small radial force, the shaft deflection is small, the sliding bearing wear is small, and the service life is long.
Performance parameters:
Flow:2 ~ 500m3/h 
Yang Cheng:5 ~ 100m 
Working pressure:1. 6MPa
Operating temperature:-20~+120°C

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