HTMC vertical multistage pump

HTMC vertical multistage pump

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Product Description

1. Structural characteristics:
HTMC vertical, multi-stage, radial split pump. The impeller is a single suction radial type and is equipped with a single-stage housing. The first-stage impeller is generally a suction impeller, and can also be equipped with an induction wheel. The impeller adopts half ring positioning, good coaxiality, and there is clearance in the axial direction of the impeller, so temperature changes will not cause shaft deformation.
This series of pumps has several different sets of hydraulic components for each specification, with a large flow range, high efficiency, and low power distribution.
The axial force is borne by the thrust bearing. When the pressure difference is large, the balance drum device balances the axial force. At the same time, the balancing drum device also acts as an intermediate support, greatly extending the service life of the shaft seal.
The casing only withstands the inlet pressure, and the length of the casing and the installation depth of the pump depend on the requirements for the NPSH cavitation performance.
The pump's discharge port has a large diameter, low flow rate, low noise, and can withstand large forces and moments.
The diameter of the cylindrical tube is large, the friction loss is small, and because of its good rigidity, there is no vibration when the pump is running.
The pump shaft adopts double support, and one group is a centripetal thrust bearing (take thin oil lubrication). The other group is a hydrodynamic radial sliding bearing. In the case of a certain installation depth of the pump, the pump shaft has an intermediate support (using liquid lubrication).
Shaft seal form: packing seal, single end face, double end face. Tandem mechanical seal. And with cooling flushing or sealing liquid system.
The suction pipe and discharge pipe are located on the upper part of the mounting flange.
2. Performance parameters:

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