FY type submerged pump FBY type submersible pump

FY type submerged pump FBY type submersible pump

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Product Description

Both FY and FBY pumps adopt the vertical cantilever type submersible pump designed in GB / T3215--94 standard. The two-point bearing and auxiliary sliding bearing support the long insertion depth under the liquid and the operation is stable. The FBY pump is a new product designed for the transportation of various corrosive and easily crystallized media and the liquefied media in the solid state of the FY pump. Its structure: the steam jacket for the design of the liquid component is used for the liquefied media. Chemical, petroleum, chemical fertilizer, salt making, sewage treatment, chemical fiber and other industries.
Operating temperature:_20 ~ + 140 ° C (FBY pump can reach 200 ° C)

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