Production Capacity

Casting Ability
★ Building area: 14,808 square meters
★ Casting equipment: 40 tons of resin sand processing equipment, 10 tons of electric arc furnace, 30 tons of refining furnace, 0.25-5 tons of intermediate frequency furnace, 30 cubic heat treatment furnace.
★ Single piece halo: 30 tons
★ Annual production capacity: 20,000 tons
★ Casting materials: more than 40 kinds of corrosion-resistant materials such as various nickel-based alloys, various duplex stainless steels, various austenitic stainless steels can be smelted.

Machining Capacity 

★ Building area: 8300 square meters
★ Processing equipment: Harding CNC machining center, imported CNC machine tool, digital display boring machine, vertical lifting table milling machine, and other machining equipment in total 200 sets.
★ Capability parameters: turning diameter 4.0m, turning length 10.0m, grinding length 4.0m, boring size 2.5x2.5m, milling size 2,5x5.0m.
★ Welding capacity: more than 20 sets of various welding equipments such as automatic welding, electric welding, argon arc welding, etc., 26 welding personnel who meet the welding material library of non-negative pressure pipe network pressurized water supply equipment, and have welding hygiene qualification

Assembly Capacity 

★ Building area: 6508 square meters
★ Standard pump workshop: construction area is 6131 square meters, lifting capacity is 20 tons.
★ Testing capacity: National first-level laboratory standard pump testing center, 7000 cubic meters of test reservoir.

Humon Pump