Humon Pump Company won the third Prize of Science and Technology

Release time:

31 Mar,2018

Recently, the project plan of “integrated process and equipment for desulfurization and dust removal by Hydrogen peroxide Method” proposed by Yantai Hengbang Pump Industry Co., Ltd. won the third prize of the Science and Technology Award from the China Association of Non-Ferrous Metals Industry and the China Society of Non-Ferrous Metals.

The hydrogen peroxide desulfurization technology uses a hydrogen peroxide solution to be added to the absorption tower. Under the action of a stabilizer, it is in countercurrent contact with the SO2-containing exhaust gas, and the strong oxidation of hydrogen peroxide is used to oxidize SO2 to sulfuric acid. At the same time, the hydrogen peroxide solution also has a good absorption effect on NOx in the exhaust gas, and it also plays a good role in denitration while desulfurizing.This process solves the problems of complex process of traditional desulfurization technology, difficult recovery of by-products, and pipeline fouling and clogging.Therefore, the use of hydrogen peroxide desulfurization process improves the reliability of the system and reduces investment and operating costs.At the same time, dilute sulfuric acid can be directly used in the dry suction section of the acid production system, and there will be no secondary pollution problems.The program has opened up a new way for the desulfurization of exhaust gases such as the domestic sulfuric acid industry and the non-ferrous smelting flue gas acid production industry, and has high application and promotion value.