Humon Pump Company won the bid for all bidding segments of Sinopec's second phase centrifugal pump and accessories framework agreement

Release time:

20 Jun,2018

On May 10th, at the “China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation Qilu Branch Sinopec Phase II Centrifugal Pump and Accessories Framework Agreement Procurement Commonly Used centrifugal pump Evaluation” meeting held in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, Hengbang Pump Company stood out from the fierce competition of domestic participating pump companies. After being fully recognized by Sinopec's technical team, business team and leadership, it won all four bid segments of OH1, OH2, BB1, and BB2.

China National Petroleum and Chemical Corporation is a large-scale international energy company. It is very cautious and strict in the selection of suppliers and service providers. The bidding for the 2018 framework agreement will conduct a multi-dimensional and rigorous review and investigation of the company size, sales performance, product performance, service model, technical solutions, etc. of the participating companies.Hengbang Pump Company successfully won the bid for the framework agreement, marking that the overall strength of Hengbang Pump Company has been fully recognized, and the field of cooperation with Sinopec will be more extensive in the future.On the basis of this cooperation, Hengbang Pump Company will provide Sinopec with more comprehensive and safe overall solutions, products and services, in-depth understanding of user needs, and excellent products and services to escort the rapid development of corporate customers.